Seats Bi Directional Mechanical

Seats  Bi Directional Mechanical

The Abbey Seals Range of Bi-directional mechanical seals offer proven seal design and wave spring technology, in a range of material combinations, enhanced by superior design features, all at very competitive pricing. TYPE 8DIN SHORT/LONG ‘O’-RING SEATS: Common ‘O’-Ring mounted stationaries to suit EURO-DIN housing sizes, designed to provide a wide range of compatibility with Abbey Seals rotary seal types. Type 8DIN LONG has an anti-rotation pin provision and is recommended particularly for larger shaft sizes and / or more viscous media. Type 8DIN SHORT is a standard short EURO-DIN seat with no pin slot.

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Product overview

TYPE 24 SHORT/LONG ‘O’-RING SEATS: Common O-Ring mounted stationaries to suit DIN housing sizes, designed to provide a wide range of compatibility with Abbey Seals rotary types. Type 24DIN LONG has anti-rotation provision and is recommended particularly for larger shaft sizes and / or more viscous media. Type 24DIN SHORT is a standard short DIN seat with no pin slot. STANDARD ‘O’-RING MOUNTED SEATS: Common Abbey Seals O-Ring mounted designs without anti-rotation provision, to suit common European housing sizes including DIN. These are industry standard seats, commonly specified for Conical Spring Seals on general duties. However, consideration should be given to using long-style seats, with anti-rotation provision, should the conditions necessitate. TYPE 21/31 NON-DIN ‘O’-RING SEATS: O-Ring mounted, monolithic ’H’- configuration stationeries, to suit common European housings (Type 21) or common American (Type 31) housing dimensions.These stationeries provide the benefits of both a short fitting length with a rear face pinhole and thus of being able to be pinned throughout the size range. This provides an optional anti-rotation feature within a seat of short operational length. TYPE 32 PUSH-FIT “BLOCK” SEATS: Monolithic stationary ring, with an O-Ring installed in a radial groove outside of the stationary ring. This method of installation allows direct contact between the back of the stationary ring and the pump housing. This design of stationary promotes efficient heat transfer, from the seal faces and the seat ring, to the pump body. Making this seat design ideal for higher temperature media duties. The anti-rotation provision is recommended on this Type 32. TYPE 23 P.T.F.E. BOOT MOUNTED SEATS: ‘L’-Shaped P.T.F.E. boot-mounted stationary, to suit common American housing sizes. Due to the low-friction nature of P.T.F.E., this stationary seat has necessarily been designed with an anti-rotation provision, and it is recommended to ensure this is utilised. Widely utilised in chemical process equipment, due to the exceptional chemical resistance that can be provided. DIN/NON-DIN BOOT MOUNTED SEATS: Common Abbey Seals boot-mounted stationary designs, to fit and suit a variety of international housing and working length standards. Boot-mounted stationeries offer optimum cost and performance benefits. The ribbed profile and increased elastomer contact area with the housing is often preferred. Please specify the actual shaft size code required when ordering, as a seat separate to the seal, as each size has a unique I.D. TYPE 25 GASKET CLAMPED “V” SEATS: The Type 25 stationary is an industry standard design with a “T”-shaped profile. Supplied complete with two P.T.F.E. flat gaskets, for clamping as illustrated. The Type 25 is designed for medias that are aggressive towards elastomers, and is widely utilised with Type 1609/1645/1659 series multi-spring rotaries. For shaft sizes up-to 1.000”/25mm; please add 1.60mm to dimension L2 for the gaskets width, similarly add 3.20mm for shaft sizes 1.125”/28.00mm and above.

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