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An exact design for an exact fit

When your job needs a precise design, sometimes an off-the-shelf part won’t do. But even if we don’t have the exact part you need, we can just make it for you — and we’ll do it today.

Cut out your downtime with AbbeySeals Xpress

We don’t just make the most precise and reliable seals and gaskets in Ireland — we can’t be matched for quick turnaround either. With AbbeySeals Xpress, our in-house manufacturing plant can take your specific design specs and turn them into custom parts right away. If you send your order by 4pm we can produce and ship it that same day. How’s that for Xpress service? Less time waiting, and less downtime for your business.

Specifically engineered for your fit

Our high-profile clients demand extreme precision, and we deliver with every single part. We capture your custom gaskets with ultra-high resolution standalone cameras and transfer to CAD, then our technicians fine-tune the designs and create your parts on state-of-the-art Atom Flashcut Flex 3020 knife-cutting tables.

With a working area of 3050mm x 2050mm, we can create gaskets of semi-rigid and rigid materials up to 12mm thick. We work with a wide range of quality materials, including compressed fibre sheeting, rubber, sponge, EPDM, graphite, mica, virgin PTFE, modified PTFE and expanded PTFE.

To create customised seals, we use our industry-leading CNC lathes. You can choose from over 180 pre-set profiles, or we can create bespoke one-off or bulk parts up to 600mm OD, based on your spec or drawings. We work with FDA-compliant polyurethane, virgin PTFE, bronze PTFE, glass PTFE, Nbr, Viton® (FPM), silicone (MVQ), EPDM, UHMWPE.

Download our Standard Seal Profiles Brochure, or give us a call in Dublin (+353 (0)1 427 7900) or Cork (+353 (0)21 500 3555) today.

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