Our Customers Lie At The Heart Of Everything We Do

Abbey Seals offer an unparalleled range of services and capabilities to meet the changing needs of our customers.


Site Survey

Many work sites may be simply running without any big push for improvement, until we arrive. Our sales engineers and product specialists will often call at a site such as a factory floor, a power station or a pharmaceutical plant to assess the work being done and whether we can enhance their systems with better parts in our inventory. We can also create price comparison lists to see if we can save them money — always giving them that edge.

Store Audit

Major suppliers often call on our sales engineers and product specialists to visit their warehouses to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. Our experts will walk through storage areas and spot all the same parts that we can also supply. We’ll then create a price comparison list, and chances are we’ll be able to offer a deal — a better price or higher quality.

In-Field Technical Support

Our customer service by phone or email is the best in the industry, but sometimes you just need to chat with us face-to-face. We have all corners of the 32 counties covered by our sales engineers and product specialists who are on the road every day.

Our in-field technical support experts visit clients nationwide regularly, to perform audits on stores, survey sites or get a hands-on idea of a problem on a factory floor.
It’s all about reassuring the customer with impeccable support, and putting a face to the Abbey Seals name.

Seal Failure Analysis

We’re not in the business of shifting the blame — but seals often fail when they’re not used properly. If a customer tells us our seals aren’t working in a machine application, one of our experts can visit their site and get to the bottom of the problem.

Maybe these problem seals are being used with an incompatible material; maybe they’re being worked at the wrong temperature, or maybe it was simply the wrong choice of part.
We’ll piece together a solution, and have that machine back up and running — either by trialling new components we have in stock, or by simply making custom new parts.

Tailor Made

Reverse Engineering

Going even further than Sample Identification, if you come to us with a broken seal or gasket with parts missing, we can resurrect it from the scrap bin. We’ll measure the item, capture it in a technical drawing, determine the best material for a new part and ultimately make the product for you on the spot.

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Customer Sample Identification

We also have a sideline in detective work. Many customers come to us with a part they need replaced, but they mightn’t know its brand name, measurements and other qualities.

But we’ll identify the part in no time — we’ll analyse the seal and its application and offer you a perfect replacement.

You can do this at the trade counter or by mail, and if we have your new part ready by 4pm we’ll mail it to you that day, guaranteed.

Bespoke Kit

Our field service program allows us to support you within your own facility. By working at your site, we are able to give you custom care that works within your specific process procedures.

Prototype Design

It might not always be rocket science, but we love taking ideas out of your head and realising them in our production setting. We get a buzz creating bespoke prototype components from engineers’ original designs. We won’t just settle on the first attempt — we’ll tweak measurements and change materials until we find the perfect product for your application.

Vendor Support

Adapted Documentation

Even some seal and gasket suppliers and manufacturers need to leave a paper trail. To make orders run smoothly, some customers ask us to use their part numbers on all documentation. We can sort this out for delivery notes, labels and invoices, all leading to straightforward processes for all their operations.

Custom Labelling

Sometimes our customers need their products to be packaged in a particular way. It doesn’t mean they’re fussy — they may just have definite ideas about numbers of items per bag, or certain labelling preferences. We’ll make this happen for them whenever we can.

Materials Requirement Planning

If your company needs a robust management system that factors in production planning, scheduling and inventory control, we offer customised Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) to support this.

We can maintain an agreed stock level to be called off at regular, scheduled intervals. This ensures your schedule is easy to keep, and you don’t need to hold on to an abundance of stock.

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