When we installed our computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathe in 2015 it was a milestone moment for Abbey Seals International Ltd. It marked our entry into seal manufacturing, and by embracing cutting-edge technology, it was also our first step towards becoming Ireland’s leading manufacturer of seals and o-rings. Years later, we’re still the only company in Ireland who can offer this service.

We have over 180 preset profiles in our manufacturing hub in Little Island, Cork, and we can also create new custom profiles and machine parts up to 600mm OD — so we’ll have a solution for a vast range of sealing applications. If you need a one-off custom prototype or a bulk order from our warehouse we can process your order today, for shipping nationwide and internationally. We meet these rapid deadlines by running two machines for 16 hours a day over two full shifts, and we’ve also invested in a bar feeder, to boost efficiency and speed in producing bulk orders. Thousands of machines worldwide are running smoothly thanks to us.

Our heavy investment in the company transfers directly to the success of your business. We only use the highest quality materials such as FDA compliant Polyurethane, NBR, FDA Approved Viton, FDA Approved Silicone, FDA Approved EPDM, Bronze Filled PTFE, Virgin PTFE, Acetal and many more.
If you have any specific requirements give us a call today and we’ll have a solution. Your idea will be in our production schedule as soon as you hang up, and we’ll have you up and running in no time!

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