Water Pump Seals

Abbey Seals supply a substantial range of cost effective and reliable water pump seals and replacement seals, that are commonly utilised in high volume commercial, domestic and industrial water systems. These hydraulic seal types generally serve applications such as swimming pools, spa pools, shower pumps, central heating systems, irrigation and light fluid duties. Seal performance and life is frequently compromised by the nature of these applications and the fact that water is a poor lubricator of seal faces. As such, our standard stock product incorporates superior seal face materials. That’s our ethos; focusing upon seal performance.


Stationary Seat Types, Clamp Rings and Seal Repair

The Abbey Seals Range of Stationary Seat Types, Clamp Rings and Seal Repair offer proven seal design and wave spring technology, in a range of material combinations, enhanced by superior design features, all at very competitive pricing. TYPE 8DIN and 24 DIN SHORT/LONG O-RING Stationaries: Common O-Ring mounted stationaries to suit EURO-DIN housing sizes, designed to provide a wide range of compatibility with Abbey Seals rotary seal types. Type 8DIN/24DIN LONG have a slot to accommodate an anti-rotation pin which is recommended particularly for larger shaft sizes and / or more viscous media. Type 8DIN/24 DIN SHORT is a standard short EURO-DIN stationaries with no pin slot. We also have a range of Boot Stationaries for metric and imperial housings.

Diaphragm Seals

Parallel Spring Diaphragm Type Seals are highly proficient and widely utilised, covering all standard pump shaft, working length and housing size ranges. The parallel spring family range of designs are ideal for a wide spectrum of application conditions, ranging from general duties through to more demanding applications, through their accommodating Single Springs and elastomer Diaphragms. The seals are highly effective and widely utilised in pumps, mixers, agitators, compressors and other rotary shaft equipment.

Conical Mechanical Seals

The Conical Spring ‘O’-Ring Mounted Type Seals offered by Abbey Seals are extremely popular seals. These robust, technically proficient seals are designed to suit DIN and common, standard housing dimensions. The proven efficient design and wide choice of Conical Mechanical ‘O’-Ring Seals and face materials enable these seals to be utilised in a large variety of applications. These conical seals are suited for pumps, mixers, agitators, compressors, and other rotary shaft equipment.

Balanced Diaphragm Seals

We refer to this family of Type A1 – A5 seals as the Balanced Diaphragm Seals Ax range. The mechanical drive mechanism of the Ax range incorporates a patented design. This innovative solution eliminates the problem of seal failure, due to excessive wear by the thin metal drive components cutting a groove into the retainer, common to competitors’ seals. The drive area has been increased by over 250%, to greatly reduce the contact drive pressure and consequent wear. As a result, the drive ring does not cut nor groove into the seal head retainer. The unique seal head design also retains the drive ring by a locking mechanism. This results in security and ease of assembly, due to the unitised design of the entire seal head assembly.

OEM Replacement Pump Seals

OEM Replacement Pump Seals are an integral part of maintaining your machinery and pumps. It is important to have replacement parts for pump seals on site and Abbey Seals stock a variety of standard sizes. Contact our experts today for more information.

Parallel Seals

The Abbey Seals Type 95 to 98 Series (referred to below as the Type 9x range) mechanical seals are robust, general purpose, parallel seals, to suit standard metric and imperial housing dimensions, that are commonly found mainly in the marine and textile industries. These are a direct replacement for John Crane®/Flexibox® Types R00, R10,R20 and R30 series, together with Pillar® US1, US2 and US3 series (CGU). The Type 9x seal ranges are mainly used in marine pump applications, but are designed to satisfy the sealing requirements of rotating shaft equipment for a wide variety of industrial applications, including; marine, textile, pulp and paper, refrigeration compressors, waste-water treatment etc.

Wave Spring

The Abbey Seals Wave Spring Range of Bi-directional mechanical seals offer proven seal design and wave spring technology, in a range of material combinations, enhanced by superior design features, all at very competitive pricing. The 1688 range was specifically designed for short working length and hygienic requirements, such as rotary lobe pumps. Their principle applications are often also for liquids of high viscosity. These are commonly found in the food, dairy, brewery and pharmaceutical industries. The compact design makes this seal an excellent choice for confined, shallow seal housing areas, or even external seal mounted applications. The 1677 / 1678 Seal Type Series provide a high quality, general purpose seal, suitable for many sealing application requirements, including chemical duties.

Bellows Seal

Abbey Seals offer an extensive range of technically efficient and highly versatile, elastomeric bellows seals, suitable for practically any application dimensions, via our comprehensive standard range. Bellows seals are recommended for applications with media containing solids and for hygienic applications, due to their non-clogging, self-adjusting and robust design. These very reliable seals are also customisable, as they can be specially produced to any working length and seat housing configuration. Suitable for pumps, mixers, agitators, compressors and other rotary shaft equipment.