Compliant With All The Major Industry Standards For Every Demanding Environment

Abbey Seals is proud of our long history of working with a wide range of industries based in Ireland and overseas.


There’s no such thing as a rain check for people in the agriculture industry — they’re out every day, whatever the conditions. Their machinery needs to perform in all types of weather, at any time of the year, and at all extremities. So above all, our parts need to be long-lasting.

Typical products: Oil seals, hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder seals and seal kits, gaskets and much more.

Construction and infrastructure

The construction industry is built on trust, and building projects should stand the test of time. Our products are a crucial component in this sector, able to perform labour-intensive activities in harsh environments, while standing up to dirt and corrosive greases.

Typical products: Oil seals, hydraulic seals, gaskets, and more.

manufacturing equipment General Industry
Manufacturing equipment/general industry

Our goal here is to maximise your machine performance over a long period of time. With our quality components your machines will maintain peak performance, so you’ll minimise emergency breakdowns and greatly reduce downtime.

Typical products: Hydraulic cylinder seals, O-rings, gaskets, and more.


Mining is the industry in which our parts endure the most extreme conditions. Our components help mine operators avoid unscheduled maintenance and breakdowns, and our vast range of parts are adaptable to all mining environments and equipment.

Typical products: Hydraulic cylinder seals, gaskets, and more.


Our clients in the pharmaceutical industry trust us to deliver components with the highest grade of purity, for machines that operate in extremely hygienic, sanitised and controlled environments.
We use only the most inert, pure materials, so our parts leave no trace on the machines they’re in contact with.

Typical products: Inflatable seals, O-rings, gaskets, and more.

Food and beverage

Like our components for the pharmaceutical industry, our parts for the food and beverage sector have a high degree of purity and hygiene, and conform to FDA standards or equivalent. They also leave no trace on the material they’re in contact with.
However, these parts must also be extremely durable, so they can withstand the regular deep cleaning of machines.

Typical products: O-rings, gaskets, mechanical seals, and more.

Cylinder Manufacture
Cylinder manufacture

We offer a bespoke service for manufacturing the highest quality cylinders for all sectors. We work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from their original designs to manufacture and supply products to exact specifications. We also offer a vast range of cylinder seals.


We manufacture and supply components to be used in food processing applications, so therefore they must be fully compliant with national and international safety standards and regulations — and leave no trace on the product or machines.

Typical products: Sanitary seals, gaskets, mechanical seals, and more.

Oil and gas

Like mining, our components for use in the oil and gas industry must incorporate highly specialised materials, and endure extreme working environments. And considering the safety implications, these parts must be extremely durable, to reduce unscheduled maintenance and loss of service.


Our electronics components have one crucial attribute — the ability to endure extremely high temperatures without any reduction in performance. All our parts used in electronic systems are manufactured from the highest grade fire retardant materials, to avoid combustion during repeated use at high temperatures.

Typical products: High recovery foam gaskets, EMI shielding gaskets, and more.

Transport, rail and automotive

Our components keep the world moving, in more ways than one. Our parts for the automotive and public transport industry are reliable and durable to maximise safety — and to minimse downtime in the high-pressure scenario of honouring schedules and timetables.

Typical products: Oil Seals, coupling seals, gaskets , window seals, gear box seals, master and slave cylinders, car windscreen EXTs, and more.

Power and energy

Abbey Seals has a solution for any power or energy system, and is constantly adapting to emerging technologies. Our focus is always in manufacturing components that can withstand high temperatures and reduce the need for maintenance and repair, when safety is paramount.

Typical products: High-temperature gaskets, packings, mech seals, boiler components, and more.

Chemical Processing

Our components for use in the chemical processing industry need to be tough in two distinct areas — they can perform perfectly while in contact with the most harsh and corrosive chemicals on Earth, and they also need to endure extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. For most parts in this sector we use speciality compounds.

Typical products: O-rings.


We have a proud tradition of working with Irish universities, and collaborating with the next generation of engineers and industry leaders. We will always go the extra mile to supply students with products, or work with them to manufacture custom components for their assignments and final year projects.

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