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Gaskets may seem like simple components, but if you want your machine to perform, they need to be perfect. That’s why we have invested in the world’s leading knife-cutting table, the Atom Flashcut Flex 3020. Atom knife-cutting systems are unrivalled in their field of heavy industry, and the Flashcut Flex 3020 is the ultimate tool in modern gasket production techniques. Its build quality and software are specifically engineered for this sector, and its high quality components deliver stunning accuracy and cutting capability.
With a working area of 3050mm x 2050mm, we’re able to manufacture gaskets in a vast range of sizes, and the machine is optimised for cutting semi-rigid and rigid materials up to 12mm thick. We can manufacture gaskets using CNAF, foam, rubber, cork, mica, sponge, graphite, tanged graphite and PTFE.
Performance is enhanced by state-of-the-art features including a partitioned adjustable vacuum system that can adapt to material type or location on the table, which results in the best fixing during the cutting process. And customised systems for automatic nesting have dramatically reduced our order processing time.
Since Abbey Seals expanded into gasket production in 2011, we’ve continually upgraded our technology, from our first CAD knife-cutting machine in 2014, to the Atom in 2017. This investment in innovation shows our commitment to reducing your downtime — we’re a cut above the rest!

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