Pneumatic Piston Seals

A simple asymmetric lip U seal. Can be used in a single acting piston, or mounted back to back on a double acting piston.

Pneumatic Cushion Seals

Pneumatic cushion seals function is to act as a check valve, so a separate valve is not necessary. A lip seal has a chamfer on the inside which ensures an effective cushioning process. When the direction changes, the check valve ensures the pressure can be applied on the piston surface.

Pneumatic Rod Wipers

The Pneumatic Rod Wiper has to prevent dust, dirt, and other particles entering into the system. This occurs with a special wiper lip which has an effective cleaning action, to stop scores, add protection and extend the life of the seal. It also prevent air escaping from the cylinder giving a perfect seal.

Pneumatic Rod Seals

An asymmetric lip U seal. The inner lip is the dynamic sealing element, so is flexible and shorter than the external part of the seal. Designed to maintain lubricating film on the rod and minimize friction.

Complete Piston Seals

Complete compact piston with steel body and bonded to sealing lips with special pneumatic sealing edges. Ready to install, double acting, pressurized complete piston with integral guide. Easily assembled on the piston rod without additional sealing elements.