Sureband PDT (pressure diffusion technology) uses a specially formulated multi-layered mesh that is held against the flange. The pressure is diffused in a controlled manner thus preventing formation of a mist/vapour cloud. At the point of exit from the shield, the leak takes the form of a safe, vertical drip or stream.

Industry testing has proven that pressure diffusion is required to prevent spray and mist formation. Many shield designs have no diffusion and this can create a worse leak than no shield at all.

The Clear shield uses proprietary technical hook+loop connection (40kg lateral shear strength).



SUREBAND has been designed with simplicity in mind. Unlike conventional ‘pull cord’ shields, no knots are required. This is a significant benefit, especially when removing shields – as tightly tied knots are typically cut, not untied.

Ongoing pipe maintenance require shields to be removed. Gloves are generally mandatory, so pull-cord knots are typically cut off rendering these shields useless and unable to be refitted.

The steel shield uses a quick connection latch which locks into one of a series of specially designed louvre slots.