Hybrid Packings

Hybrid Packings are required when an unusual combination of service demands are challenged. This is achieved by combining two or more yarns by special braiding methods, and adding selected lubricants.

Such hybrids provide ab excellent dynamic packing for rotary and reciprocating requirements. Also suitable for abrasive and viscous media.

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Synthetic Fibre Packings

Synthetic packings are cost effective packings made from the highest quality synthetic fibres and lubricants. For use on an array of equipment such as rotary shafts or pumps, mixers agitators, crystallizers and filters, as well as reciprocating rods, rams and plungers, accumulators, intensifiers and hydraulic presses.

The sealing capabilities are suited to general service in valves and pumps, helping minimise leakage, downtime and wear.

Graphite Packings

Graphite Packings have very high chemical resistance, are thermally conductive and can be used in extreme temperature and pressure conditions, reducing shaft wear and enhancing the life of the packings.

PTFE Packings

Polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE compression packing, has a high resistance to chemicals and a low friction. Our range of PTFE based gland packings give a wide sealing capability in both valve and pumping applications. PTFE packing is perfect for leak prevention and extrusion resistance at high pressure and high shaft speeds.

Braided Pump Packings

Braided packings are a rope like material cut into rings which wrap around the rod. The compression force is generated with the tightening of the gland giving radial pressure.

They are also known as compression packing or mechanical packing. Being a soft and resilient material, it is used as an insert into the annular space to seal a rotating device such as valves and pumps.