Bondloc Industrial Adhesives

Adhesives and Sealants for engineering, automotive, marine, off road heavy plant and agricultural applications.

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Anaerobic adhesives

Anaerobic adhesives are adhesives that cure inly in the absence of air and in the presence of metal ions.

The range of anaerobic adhesives and sealants include thread lockers, pipeseals, gasket sealants and retaining compounds to suit a wide range of automotive, agricultural , industrial and precision engineering applications.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are instant adhesives, like superglues. They cure through reactions with moisture held on the surfaces to be bonded.

They require close fitting joints and usually solidify in seconds.


Bondloc sealant products have been designed to adhere well to most substrates and eliminate the need to use specific primers.

The Bondloc range of sealants offers durability and exceptional performance in all kinds of sealing and bonding applications.


Structural adhesives

Structural adhesives & Epoxy sticks utilise a wide range of resin bases in order to provide end users with the best possible product to for each individual application.

Bondloc B2001 is a grey, steel filled epoxy putty for permanent repairs to many substrates and bonds to fibreglass, metal, wood, concrete and glass. It won’t yellow and can be applied under water. Once cured, it can be sanded, drilled and painted.

MRO & Aerosols

Bondloc Maintenance, Repairs and Operations (MRO) and Aerosols range of lubricants and cleaners are designed for all maintenance needs.

Applications range from anti-seize and assembly, through chains and bearings, to open gear and wire rope lubricants. Please contact us on +353 (0)1 427 7900 to discuss the items we stock in this range.