Why we are open during COVID-19 restrictions.

Why we are open during COVID-19 restrictions.

Why we are open during COVID-19 restrictions.

11 May 2020

Why we are open during COVID-19 restrictions.

When thinking of ‘Essential Businesses’ remaining open during COVID-19, the businesses most likely to spring to mind are supermarkets, petrol stations and of course our postal and courier services. Most would not think that a company who sells o-rings would be classed as ‘Essential’.

Our customers have always operated across a diverse assortment of sectors ranging from hydraulic cylinder manufacturers to chemical processing plants, from pharmaceuticals to utilities services and of course food and beverage production.

In the days leading up to the countrywide lockdown, many of our customers were looking for reassurance from us that we would stay open. Such was the importance of the products we provide to their production function, they sought confirmation that we would be able to fulfil their requirements during the lockdown. With this in mind, we were determined to stay open, as long as we could do so in a safe manner and in keeping with government guidelines.

This is when you begin to understand the full scope of the supply chain and the many variables at play to get a litre of milk on a supermarket shelf. Once again we see how critical these components are in the necessities we take for granted. That a missing suction cup could halt production on a bread line, those hydraulic ram kits that need replacing to ensure milk production continues or the jar seals manufactured for pharmaceutical industry. And so, a company selling o-rings, gaskets and a comprehensive selection of seals for all industries stays open albeit with major changes in operations.

For instance, our staff where possible are working from home. Our ‘reps’ who cover the country are also working from home calling customers on the phone instead of their usual on-site visits. We have closed our trade counters to walk-in’s. We have two teams of staff working opposite days to maintain minimal numbers in the office and warehouse to ensure social distancing. Facemasks and gloves are now part of everyone’s attire in the building. Plus with all the routine hand washing, hand sanitising, disinfecting of door handles, surfaces etc. the daily operations are certainly looking a little different in Abbey Seals.

Thank you to our suppliers who have been able to fulfil our own orders with minimal disruption. Our manufacturing capabilities have proven invaluable over the past few weeks – turning around orders within hours in some cases.

We are grateful to be open and playing our small part in the supply chain. Happy to support pharmaceutical production lines, happy to support food and beverage production lines. Happy to support our medical device customers in their work. Happy to make quad-rings for ventilators that two of our customers joined forces to create.

Abbey Seals International Ltd has been selling seals since 1983, we are selling & manufacturing seals during this pandemic and we hope be in business for many years to come.

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