SealTool Products

SealTool Products

SealTool Products

25 Oct 2022

SealTool Products
Here at Abbey Seals, we like to help our customers in every way that we can. That includes the installation and removal of their seals. We carry a range of tools from the brand SEALTOOL.  These tools give you the assistance you may need to ensure damage does not occur to your seals or the groove. Using the various SealTool products, we have available to purchase here will ensure your seals are fitted in the most efficient way. Rest assured our wide range of SealTool Products will have you covered for any seal removal or installation scenario. Check out Sealtools YouTube channel for some excellent video guides Sealtool - YouTube. 

SealTool Products

O-Ring Splicing Kit

The O-Ring splicing kit makes it easy to fix emergency repairs and create bespoke O-rings in various sizes.

The kit contains the following items.

  • O-Ring splicer
  • O-Ring chopper
  • Blade for O-Ring chopper 1 pack
  • O-Ring grinder
  • Seal heater
  • Wool polisher 3 pcs
  • Purple grit polisher 3 pcs
  • Bore tape 50-300mm

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O-Ring Pick Kit

This 4-piece O-ring pick kit is perfect for removing O-rings. With 4 different heads to choose from it ensures you have the right size tool for your style of O-ring. It also protects the surface of the metal groove from getting damaged by a sharp metal tool like a screwdriver or metal hook. Removing of an O-ring in a safe and undamaged matter is a difficult task but by using an O-ring pick tool it gives you great assistance to ensure no damage occurs.


O-Ring Recogniser

As most O-rings are black in colour it is not easy to recognise what rubber material they are. That’s where the O-ring recogniser can be of assistance as it can establish what rubber material your O-ring is. The 4 kinds of rubber it recognises are:

  • EPDM 70
  • NBR70
  • FFKM75
  • FKM75

The O-ring recogniser itself is a tube, pen like tool, with a controlled or specific weight inside it. The weight falls a controlled height or distance. To determine an O-ring’s rubber compound, place the O-ring on a stable table or surface. Place the O-ring recogniser over the O-ring and raise the weight all the way to the top of the tube (as far as it will go). Release the weight and let it drop onto the O-ring. It will bounce. The height of the first bounce will rise to one of the four rubber materials it can identify. This then determines what material your O-ring is.


Seal Clasper

The seal clasper is designed for the installation of PTFE piston seals. It can clasp the seals back to the groove, with a seal ranging from 50mm OD to 360mm OD. The stainless-steel belt is adjustable according to the dimension of the seals, and the HPU triangle protector prevents the seal from getting damaged in the pressing process. With the clasper the piston seal can be fitted into the cylinder safely and rapidly. Due to its ease of use it saves on time and ensure no use of improvised tools.


Seal Digger

The Seal digger is a tool used for the installation and disassembly of oil seals. Using the seal digger ensures no damage occurs to the seal or shaft surface while removing the seal from the groove.


Seal Hook Kit

The seal hook kit is used for the proper removal of seals and O-rings from a groove. The kit consists of 8 different heavy duty metal hook heads with plastic handles. The 8 different sizes give you the option to choose which size to use depending on the profile of the seal. Using the appropriate hook will ensure the chance of damage extremely low.


Seal Stretcher Heavy Duty

The seal stretcher tool heavy duty or seal expander tool helps to install PTFE piston seals by expanding sizes. This enables you to stretch a heated PTFE ring to a desired size. Applicable sizes ID: 35-250mm, maximum height: 7.5mm. Once stretched the piston seal can be placed on the groove and secured in place with the Seal Clasper.


Seal Twistor Set

The seal twistor aids the installation of seals, eliminating the risk of damaging the sealing lip. As most seal failures are caused by bad installation using the seal twistor reduces that immensely. There are 4 different sizes in the set which allows you to use the best size option for your seal installation. The twistor turns the seal into an omega shape to make the size of the seal smaller than the gland diameter. The seal crosses over the sharp chamfers safely, then rebounds in the groove.

The Four sizes in the set:

S 22-30 mm

M 30-50 mm

L 50-70 mm

XL 70-165 mm


SealTool Full Set

The Full Set III is a kit that contains tools for installation, disassembly and measuring of seals. It comes in an easy to carry hard shell box. The set contains 9 tools.

  • Seal Hook II, 8PCS
  • Ultrasharp 4.0, 1PC
  • Blade for Ultrasharp 4.0, 1BOX (10pcs per box)
  • Seal Twistor (S, M, L, XL), 4PCS
  • Seal Digger, 1SET
  • Piston Seal Constrictor, 1SET
  • O-ring Recognizer, 1PC
  • Depth & Width Caliper, 1PC (without battery)
  • Bore Tape 50-300mm, 1PC.

Take a look at our selection of SealTool products and as always if you have any further questions, you can contact us. Or call our expert teams in Dublin on +353 (0)1 427 7900 or in Cork on +353 (0)21 500 3555.

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