What is an inflatable seal?

What is an inflatable seal?

What is an inflatable seal?

14 Jul 2022

What is an inflatable seal?
An inflatable seal is a type of rubber seal that inflates and deflates based on the presence of an inflation source. They can be re-used and inflated at any stage and can retain their original shape when deflated. When pressure is applied internally to the seal, it inflates to conform to uneven surfaces. This provides a reliable barrier from moisture, damp, and other contaminants. Inflatable seals don’t suffer from early loss of compression and are designed to fill gaps that some other seals can't reach. They create a seal even when the two faces are misaligned or non-concentric. Used widely for sealing sliding doors, pharmaceutical, medical industries, and food processing to prevent contamination. Abbey seals supply a range of elastomers made from Silicone, EPDM, Nitrile and Viton for our inflatable seals.

The Benefits of Using an Inflatable Seal

There are several reasons why an inflatable seal would be used over other sealing methods. Of course, the correct seal must be used but an inflatable seal does provide a wealth of benefits.

An inflatable seal provides a leak-proof seal when preventing gases or liquids from escaping while it also provides clearance when required. It also provides a simplified design of the structure and hardware while it reduces the need for close machining or fabricating tolerances. Along with this, it is not exposed to compression set which can reduce the effectiveness of other seals.

Inflatable seals can be installed in a wide range of settings, whether that is radially in, radially out or axially.

Inflatable seals are suitable for specific uses and provide an effective solution for many different applications. They are perfect for moulding to contoured shapes, offering greater flexibility while they can be inflated to suit the specific requirements of the manufacturing process.

How it works

An inflatable seal can be moulded into a concave, flat or convoluted configuration. Once an inflatable medium is placed between the seal and the force, the seal expands and rounds out to create a firm barrier between a mounting and striking surface. The inflatable seal is uniquely designed to return to its original state once the source of inflation has been removed. This lets the technician move both the seal and the other object freely.

Inflatable seals can be utilized in an array of industries like electrical, environmental and food processing to assist in the following applications to:

  1. Squeeze to assist in the movement of materials
  2. Produce a mechanical holding force
  3. Stop equipment without damaging it
  4. Push objects with any degree of force
  5. Grip, hold, and lift objects while having the ability to retract the seal out of the way when deflated.
  6. Seal off one environment

Industries that use Inflatable Seals

  • Telecommunication

Semiconductor, Filters, Actuators.

  • Food Industry

Autoclave, Chambers, Ovens

  • Pharmaceutical

Autoclave, Sterile and clean rooms

  • Transport

Door seals on high-speed trains and containers.

Inflatable Seals can be a valuable and convenient asset to a number of industries. As always if you have any further questions about what inflatable seal would be right for your business needs, you can contact us. Or call our expert teams in Dublin on +353 (0)1 427 7900 or in Cork on +353 (0)21 500 3555.

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