Ultimate solutions: How our bespoke industrial seals and gaskets offer can work for you

Ultimate solutions: How our bespoke industrial seals and gaskets offer can work for you

Ultimate solutions: How our bespoke industrial seals and gaskets offer can work for you

21 Jun 2018

For anyone in the manufacturing business, downtime is a killer – with consultants estimating that every factory loses at least 5 percent of its productivity to downtime. In some cases, it’s estimated to reach up to 20 percent. That downtime can hurt the bottom line – and it’s worse again if a machine breaks down and a spare part isn’t in stock or has a long turnaround or delivery time. In many industrial companies, a machine breaking down isn’t even a huge fix – it could be as simple as a seal or gasket that’s at fault. It’s an easy fix if the right part is available – and that’s where the right seals and gasket provider can help.

Choosing the right seals and gasket provider

Cutting-edge technology

We’ve perfected the process of distributing seals and gaskets over our 30 years in business. With over 40,000 products in stock, we usually have what the customer wants on the shelf – but for unusual orders, prototypes, or products with a long lead-time, our manufacturing aspect is key.

In 2015, we launched Abbey Seals Xpress, our in-house manufacturing service in Cork for seals and gaskets.

In fact, we’re the only company in Ireland which can manufacture bespoke seals and gaskets upon request – and we strive to ensure that every order received by 4pm is manufactured and shipped that same day.

We use CNC lathes and Atom knife-cutting systems so we can make seals and gaskets to precise specifications and on time for customer requirements. With our speed of manufacturing, downtime is drastically reduced and so too are the costs for the customer.

All our seals and gaskets are manufactured from the best quality materials, which ensures our products have longer wearing capabilities which saves you time and money.

Gaskets are made on our state-of-the-art knife-cutting tables and its camera system. This system photographs the customer’s gasket and converts it to a CAD drawing which our technicians adjust and re-create.

“Even though machinery and technology is changing, there will always be a need for seals and gaskets,” says Adam Flanagan, Director of Abbey Seals. “We are also moving with the times to ensure we are running a modern manufacturing line producing the best seals and gaskets possible.”

The materials we work with include compressed fibre sheeting, rubber, sponge, EPDM, graphite, mica, virgin PTFE, modified PTFE and expanded PTFE.

“Further,” says Adam, “we also distribute some of the world’s leading brands, including Hallite, Freudenberg, Aston Seals, PPE & Simrit.”

Customer service

We pride ourselves on our high standard of customer service – but don’t just take our word on it.

P.B. Machine Tech Ltd. is one of our longest customers and they say, “During our 25-year relationship with Abbey Seals, a true partnership has developed to a standard that others find difficult to reach.

“From technical support for our engineers on new product development, to the fast, flexible supply of quality seals for production orders, we can rely on Abbey Seals to satisfy our growing demands for excellent quality, cost effective sealing solutions.”

It’s important for us to understand our customers’ needs and having properly trained and experienced staff is very much part of that goal.

Future investments

We supply seals and gaskets into a wide range of sectors including pharmaceutical, construction and the oil and gas industry and we believe that our future is your future too, so we are constantly looking to refine our manufacturing line.

“We have just invested in a second CNC lathe,” says Adam. “Our lathes will allow us to manufacture seals up to 600mm. It will also allow us to increase our manufacturing output and keep our customers supplied with product as fast as possible.

“Our customers frequently tell us how pleased they are with the quality and speed we can deliver our seals and gaskets. Replacement seals and gaskets are typically ordered last minute but we ensure Abbey Seals can suit the customer requirements as fast as possible.”

With downtime costing manufacturers, the right seals and gaskets can make all the difference.

Do you want to reduce your downtime?

We are Ireland’s premier provider of seals and gaskets with over 30 years’ experience. Whether you need a custom sealing product or one of the 140 pre-set profiles, we have what you need.

Get in touch by calling our offices in Dublin (+353 (0)1 427 7900) or Cork (+353(0)21 500 3555) or filling in the form here.

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