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12 May 2020

The Difference Between Lip Seal and Mechanical Seal

Both lip seals and mechanical seals are used in a wide variety[...]

04 May 2020

How Many Types of Mechanical Seals Are There?

Mechanical seals are distinct from other types of seals because it involves[...]

28 Aug 2019

How Does a Mechanical Seal Work?

A mechanical seal has four components: a flat stationary seal face, a[...]

22 Jul 2019

Vibration & Misalignment: two common causes of mechanical[...]

Mechanical seals are a complex construction and an essential part of diverse[...]

03 Jul 2019

Top 3 Reasons Seals Fail Prematurely

All seals eventually fail. Knowing the expected lifespan of a seal and[...]

22 May 2019

Oil Seal (Lip Seal) Vs. Mechanical Seal: Pros[...]

The purpose of any seal is to protect a joining in a[...]

02 May 2019

What Is a Mechanical Seal?

The function of any seal is to provide a barrier to prevent[...]
Abbey Seals lip seal (also called shaft or oil seal)

15 Apr 2019

What are Lip Seals? | A Guide to[...]

The term lip seal might conjure up images of an amazing way[...]

19 Feb 2019

What is a Gasket’s Most Important Quality? |[...]

To understand what qualities are most important, we must first answer the[...]
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