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10 Dec 2019
What Is the Difference between O Ring and Gasket Seals?

Understanding the difference between O rings and gaskets is critical to choose the best option for your application. read more

19 Feb 2019
What is a Gasket’s Most Important Quality? | What is a Gasket?

What is a gasket and how does a gasket work? Gasket is a very broad term. It covers a range of seals made from a variety of materials. Gaskets are used in .... read more

21 Jun 2018
What’s the right material for your gasket?

Industry 4.0 has heralded a technological transformation in factories around the globe, with smart sensors and predictive analytics... read more

06 Apr 2014
Diageo Case Study

This Food And Beverage/Drinks Sector Case Study Relates To The Sourcing, Manufacture And Provision Of Gaskets And Seals To Diageo Ireland... read more

28 Feb 2014
Industrial Gaskets Guide

Our gasket guide should help you understand the different considerations you should take into account if you are responsible... read more