22 Jul 2019
Vibration & Misalignment: two common causes of mechanical seal failure

Mechanical seals are a complex construction. Learn more about the most common causes of mechanical seal failure and how to avoid it. read more

03 Jul 2019
Top 3 Reasons Seals Fail Prematurely

Knowing the expected lifespan of a seal and monitoring it can save a lot of money, hassle and disruption. Learn more about the most common causes of premature seal failure. read more

22 May 2019
Oil Seal (Lip Seal) Vs. Mechanical Seal: Pros & Cons of Each

The purpose of any seal is to protect a joining in a piece of equipment. Seals serve to keep lubrication or other liquids inside and contamination outside of the joint. A lip seal is also known as an oil seal or a rotary shaft seal read more

02 May 2019
What Is a Mechanical Seal?

So what exactly is a mechanical seal and how does it differ from other types of seals?
A mechanical seal incorporates a rotating face and a stationary face, as well as a spring to keep the two faces pressed together. read more

15 Apr 2019
What Is a Lip Seal? | Discover what a Rotary Shaft Seal or Oil Seal is

What is a lip seal? Lip seals (also known as rotary shaft seals or oil seals or a radial shaft seal) serve to protect lubricated moving parts by keeping the lubricant inside the bearing & keeping contamination from dirt or other liquids out. read more

21 Mar 2019
X Ring vs. O Ring: How to Choose The Correct One

Choosing the right seal is not a simple matter. You have many factors to consider in terms of the seal’s application, and you also have many options. X ring vs. O ring is perhaps the first question to ask. read more

13 Mar 2019
Attention Express Post Customers!!

Due to a scheduling change from An Post we have had to change our cut off times for ordering.  If you wish to receive items via their registered next-day service, we need to receive your order by 4pm. 

DPD customers are not affected. read more

19 Feb 2019
What is a Gasket’s Most Important Quality? | What is a Gasket?

What is a gasket and how does a gasket work? Gasket is a very broad term. It covers a range of seals made from a variety of materials. Gaskets are used in .... read more

11 Feb 2019
What is an O Ring? | What are O-Rings Used For?

Everyone working in industry is surrounded by them, but many might still question exactly what is an O ring? And What are O rings used for? read more

21 Jun 2018
3 ways Abbey Seals offers speed and efficiency for your business

When it comes to seals and gaskets, knowledge is the key. Knowing the right tool for the right application can mean the difference between... read more