10 Dec 2019
What Is the Difference between O Ring and Gasket Seals?

Understanding the difference between O rings and gaskets is critical to choose the best option for your application. read more

26 Nov 2019
Nitrile vs Silicone O Rings: How to choose

Learn more about the similarities and the differences between those two types of O Rings. read more

18 Oct 2019
What Are O Rings Made Of?

There is no one simple answer to the question ‘what are O rings made of?’ because they can be made of a wide range of materials. read more

10 Sep 2019
#Ploughing19: all you need to know about our favourite time of the year!

It’s that time of the year again. Check our top 10 tips on a great way to enjoy your time at the 88th National Ploughing Championships and see you there! read more

28 Aug 2019
How Does a Mechanical Seal Work?

A mechanical seal has four components: a flat stationary seal face, a flat rotating seal face,  a spring mechanism and a secondary elastomic seal.  read more

22 Jul 2019
Vibration & Misalignment: two common causes of mechanical seal failure

Mechanical seals are a complex construction. Learn more about the most common causes of mechanical seal failure and how to avoid it. read more

03 Jul 2019
Top 3 Reasons Seals Fail Prematurely

Knowing the expected lifespan of a seal and monitoring it can save a lot of money, hassle and disruption. Learn more about the most common causes of premature seal failure. read more

22 May 2019
Oil Seal (Lip Seal) Vs. Mechanical Seal: Pros & Cons of Each

The purpose of any seal is to protect a joining in a piece of equipment. Seals serve to keep lubrication or other liquids inside and contamination outside of the joint. A lip seal is also known as an oil seal or a rotary shaft seal read more

02 May 2019
What Is a Mechanical Seal?

So what exactly is a mechanical seal and how does it differ from other types of seals?
A mechanical seal incorporates a rotating face and a stationary face, as well as a spring to keep the two faces pressed together. read more

15 Apr 2019
What are Lip Seals? | A Guide to Oil and Rotary Shaft Seals

What is a lip seal? Lip seals (also known as rotary shaft seals or oil seals or a radial shaft seal) serve to protect lubricated moving parts by keeping the lubricant inside the bearing & keeping contamination from dirt or other liquids out. read more