Wave Spring

The Abbey Seals Wave Spring Range of Bi-directional mechanical seals offer proven seal design and wave spring technology, in a range of material combinations, enhanced by superior design features, all at very competitive pricing. The 1688 range was specifically designed for short working length and hygienic requirements, such as rotary lobe pumps. Their principle applications are often also for liquids of high viscosity. These are commonly found in the food, dairy, brewery and pharmaceutical industries. The compact design makes this seal an excellent choice for confined, shallow seal housing areas, or even external seal mounted applications. The 1677 / 1678 Seal Type Series provide a high quality, general purpose seal, suitable for many sealing application requirements, including chemical duties.

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Product overview

TYPES 1677 and 1677M (Wave Spring Mechanical Seals) TYPE 1677 is a positively, driven wave spring seal, utilising crest to crest wave spring technology, offering excellent axial movement capabilities. The seal is radially compacted and designed to suit DIN24960 (EN12756). The design of this seal head enables easy utilisation of a wide range of high quality materials and elastomers, supplied as standard. Type 1677M differs in having a Monolithic seal head, for optimal heat dissipation and sealcapability / performance. TYPE 1678 (Wave Spring Mechanical Seals) Designed as per the Type 1677 but with a stepped face, to provide a balanced seal for stepped shafts TYPE 1688 (Wave Spring Mechanical Seals) The robust wave spring seal is ideally suited for standard, rotary lobe pump, glands, of compact design. The seal is positively driven by grub screws and supplied from Abbey Seals with Monolithic seal heads, in soft and hard face materials as our standard.

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