Diaphragm Seals

Parallel Spring Diaphragm Type Seals are highly proficient and widely utilised, covering all standard pump shaft, working length and housing size ranges. The parallel spring family range of designs are ideal for a wide spectrum of application conditions, ranging from general duties through to more demanding applications, through their accommodating Single Springs and elastomer Diaphragms. The seals are highly effective and widely utilised in pumps, mixers, agitators, compressors and other rotary shaft equipment.

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Product overview

STANDARD DIAPHRAGM MECHANICAL SEAL TYPES: DIAPHRAGM SEALS – TYPES 10, 20 AND 20H: Parallel spring, rubber diaphragm seals to common industry standard dimensions. Fitted as standard with Type 20 boot mounted seats, Type 20H has a Type 21‘O’-Ring mounted stationary. DIAPHRAGM SEALS – TYPES 11,11J AND 22: Much like Type 10,20 and 20H , to common American standard dimensions, fitted with a Type 11 boot mounted seats, or Type 11J has a Type 31 O-Ring mounted seat. DIAPHRAGM SEALS – TYPES U11/N11: Type 11, but to full ANSI compatibility, through incorporating a narrow profile seal design.Type U11 utilises the same seal head internal design as our Type 24, whilst Type N11 incorporates an elastomer resiliently mounted ring face. DIAPHRAGM SEALS – TYPES 24 SERIES: As Types U11 and N11 but to full DIN24960 (EN12756) dimensions, L1K-length. Type 24 is supplied with a Type 24 boot mounted seat as standard. You should specify Type 24S, if a Type 24.DINS stationary is required and Type 24L for the Type 24.DINL stationary.

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