Conical Mechanical Seals

The Conical Spring ‘O’-Ring Mounted Type Seals offered by Abbey Seals are extremely popular seals. These robust, technically proficient seals are designed to suit DIN and common, standard housing dimensions. The proven efficient design and wide choice of Conical Mechanical ‘O’-Ring Seals and face materials enable these seals to be utilised in a large variety of applications. These conical seals are suited for pumps, mixers, agitators, compressors and other rotary shaft equipment.

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Product overview

STANDARD CONICAL SEALS TYPES: CONICAL SEALS – TYPES 8, 8DIN, 8DINS, 82 AND 126: Inserted rotary faced, O-Ring mounted, conical spring shaft seals suit standard European or DIN fitting dimensions. The Type 82 is a stepped shaft balanced version of type 8DIN. Type 126 is a type 8DINS seals and seat assembly modified to DIN24960 (EN12756) L1K working length that is also available with Monolithic Stainless Steel Head. CONICAL SEALS – TYPES 8B AND 126: O-Ring Mounted, conical spring seals seals very similar to Type 8, except with a monolithic Stainless Steel Head and a Carbon Stationary. Type 126 Is To Full DIN24960 ( EN12756) Dimension Compatibility, L1K Working Length. CONICAL SEALS – TYPE 9: Conical spring, O-Ring mounted seals, with a Monolithic seals head and type 8.STD stationary. CONICAL SEALS – TYPE 12 AND TYPE 12DIN: O-Ring Mounted, conical spring seals available with a Monolithic Stainless Steel Head as standard, or an inserted SiC/T.C ring face. CONICAL SEALS – TYPE 13 AND TYPE 13DIN: O-Ring Mounted, conical spring seals with a pressed in O Ring mounted, rotary face enabling face material interchange ability, to suit common European or DIN dimensions. CONICAL SEALS – TYPE 7D: O-Ring Mounted, conical spring seals with a pressed in O Ring mounted, rotary face, with a machined head retainer. Supplied as standard with type 7D stationary to suit DIN housings.

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