Balanced Diaphragm Seals

We refer to this family of Type A1 – A5 seals as the Balanced Diaphragm Seals Ax range.The mechanical drive mechanism of the Ax range incorporates a patented design. This innovative solution eliminates the problem of seal failure, due to excessive wear by the thin metal drive components cutting a groove into the retainer, common to competitors’ seals. The drive area has been increased by over 250%, to greatly reduce the contact drive pressure and consequent wear. As a result, the drive ring does not cut nor groove into the seal head retainer. The unique seal head design also retains the drive ring by a locking mechanism. This results in security and ease of assembly, due to the unitised design of the entire seal head assembly.

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Product overview

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Balanced Diaphragm Seals Ax range seals are hydraulically balanced to a recognised industry standard, to reduce heat and friction at the seal interface. This allows for higher operating parameters to be achieved and prolongs seal life. The Balanced Diaphragm Seals Ax seal family includes a bellows disk, as a standard design feature. This component provides radial support to the bellows, ensuring no bellows / shaft contact, which could result in seal wear and possible hang-up. Without the disk, the bellows ID’s are very close to the shaft and can be problematic, due to bellows extrusion and shaft contact / friction. The flexible bellows compensates for primary seal face wear and machinery misalignment, such as shaft end float. The Ax bellows contains an additional drive ring supporting lip, to ensure that the drive ring is held in a positive position, away from the bellows. Types A2 to A5 seal retain the base plates on the coil as standard, providing support during seal fitting. The Abbey Seals seal face is retained by inert grease and NOT glue. Some seal suppliers chose to utilise glue which can create a leakage path, and upon chemical attack, the glue can migrate into seal components and product.

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