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The Atom Flashcut Flex 3020

Our New Arrival: The Atom Flashcut Flex 3020. Our new knife cutting system. A machine with high-quality components and state of the art electronics which results in high cutting capability and accuracy.

”The Atom knife-cutting systems are unrivalled in the heavy industry of gasket manufacturing – its build quality and software are specifically engineered for this sector making it the ultimate tool in modern production techniques.”

With a working area of 3050mm x 2050mm, the size of gaskets we can produce has vastly increased. There are a range of invaluable features including a partitioned adjustable vacuum system that can be adapted to the type of material or location on the table which allows the best fixing during cutting. The customised systems for automatic nesting have dramatically reduced the overall time for processing orders.

The ‘Atom’ is ideal for cutting semi-rigid and rigid materials up to 12mm thick presently.

Materials available are CNAF, Foam, Rubber, Cork, Foam, Sponge, Graphite, Tanged Graphite and PTFE.

This machine has been running non-stop since its arrival in August and our customers are thrilled with the quality it produces. It’s fair to say our gasket division are thoroughly enjoying their new ‘toy’.

With the addition of the Atom FLashcut Flex 3020 to our already impressive manufacturing capabilities, we remain committed to reducing downtime for Abbey Seals customers.

Our story so far...

In 2011 Abbey Seals International Ltd expanded into gasket production in our manufacturing facility in Little Island, Cork. We subsequently invested in a state of the art CAD knife cutting table in 2014, which enables us to create custom, complex gaskets that before required special orders, tooling charges and long lead times. Our integrated camera system photographs and maps your existing gasket and creates an exact CAD replica which our technicians retouch and perfect, ensuring you get exactly the gasket you need.

Materials used in the gasket manufacturing process include CNAF, Foam, Rubber, Cork, Foam, Sponge and PTFE.

Whatever the size, shape or specification required we are confident we can produce your gaskets made to order, on time, all of the time.

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