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Abbey Seals lip seal (also called shaft or oil seal)

15 Apr 2019

What are Lip Seals? | A Guide to[...]

The term lip seal might conjure up images of an amazing way[...]

21 Mar 2019

X Ring vs. O Ring: How to Choose[...]

Choosing the right seal is not a simple matter. You have many[...]

13 Mar 2019

Attention Express Post Customers!!

Due to a scheduling change from An Post we have had to[...]

19 Feb 2019

What is a Gasket’s Most Important Quality? |[...]

To understand what qualities are most important, we must first answer the[...]

11 Feb 2019

What is an O Ring? | What are[...]

Everyone working in industry is surrounded by them, but many might still[...]

21 Jun 2018

3 ways Abbey Seals offers speed and efficiency[...]

When it comes to seals and gaskets, knowledge is the key. Knowing[...]

21 Jun 2018

Ultimate solutions: How our bespoke industrial seals and[...]

For anyone in the manufacturing business, downtime is a killer – with[...]

21 Jun 2018

What’s the right material for your gasket?

Industry 4.0 has heralded a technological transformation in factories around the globe,[...]

11 Apr 2018

Hannover Messe 2018

It's only a matter of weeks until we are exhibiting at Hannover[...]
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