Bondloc Brand Profile

Bondloc Brand Profile

Bondloc Brand Profile

09 Jun 2022

Bondloc Brand Profile
As Abbey Seals is an authorised supplier of Bondloc products in Ireland, you can entrust us with all your adhesive and sealant needs. We stock a wide range of Bondloc adhesives and sealants to suit a variety of sectors and applications. Bondloc UK Ltd is a manufacturer of engineering and industrial adhesives with over 28 years’ experience in adhesive manufacturing. They are at the top of their game and that's why they are our number one choice. You can see the full range of Bondloc products available through their Product Brochure. This Bondloc Brand Profile outlines the different categories and products we stock here at Abbey Seals.

The product categories are:


Bondloc’s range of sealant products have been designed to adhere well to most substrates and eliminate the need to use specific primers. Their versatility and durability offer exceptional performance in all kinds of demanding sealing and bonding applications. Available products.

  • B5180 Non-Setting Gasket
  • B5190 Flexible Gasket
  • B5299 High Temperature Silicone
  • RTV123 Silicone Sealant


Bondloc Anaerobic adhesives were developed to help reduce production costs and time, lower maintenance costs but also to add other benefits like product reliability and replace mechanical locking devices. Once cured the thermoset plastic property provides excellent resistance to various chemical environments, excellent resistance against external impact, and vibrational force. Available products.

Gasket Solutions

  • B510 Gasket Maker
  • B515 Flexible Gasket
  • B518 Flexible Gasket
  • B574 Instant Gasket

Retaining Compounds

  • B601 High Strength Retainer
  • B603 Oil Tolerant Retainer
  • B620 High Temperature Retainer
  • B638 High Strength Retainer
  • B641 Bearing Retainer
  • B648 High Temperature Retainer
  • B660 Metal Fill Retainer

Thread Sealants

  • B542 Hydraulic Thread Sealant
  • B567 Pipeseal
  • B572 Pipeseal Medium Strength
  • B577 Pipeseal


  • B222 Screwlock
  • B243 Nutlock (Oil Tolerant)
  • B270 Studlock
  • B271 Studlock
  • B275 Studlock high strength
  • B290 Penetrating Threadlock


Bondloc structural adhesives utilise a wide range of resin bases to provide end users with the best possible product for each individual application. A key factor of our modern design and engineering processes is the desire to produce unique products that will distinguish you from your competitors. Our innovative range of high-strength structural adhesives are fully compatible with modern manufacturing processes and allow for even greater flexibility in component design. Available products.

  • B2001 Steel Epoxy Stick
  •  B2002 Aluminium Epoxy Stick
  •  B2003 Plastic Epoxy Stick
  •  B2012 5 Min Clear Epoxy Resin
  •  B2013 Steel Epoxy Resin
  •  B3294 Plastic Weld
  •  B3298 Universal Bonder
  •  B3420 Universal Bonder


Cyanoacrylate adhesives cure through reactions with moisture held on the surfaces to be bonded. They require close fitting joints and usually solidify in seconds which has resulted in the universal generic name of “superglues”. Gelled variants are also available to allow bonding of wider gaps and are ideal for vertical or overhead surfaces. Available products.

  • B401 General Purpose
  •  B406 Rubber & Plastic Bonder
  • B415 Metal Bonder
  • B454 Thixotropic CA Gel
  • B480 Rubber Toughened (Black)
  • B495 General Purpose
  • B770 Cyanoacrylate Primer
  • B7455 Activator Aerosol

Contact us in our Dublin office on (0)1 427 7900 or in our Cork office on (0)21 500 3555 and talk to our experts today. Or reach out to us by email at Let them guide you in picking the right Bondloc products for your business’s needs. They are always on hand to help our customers.


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